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Craft Hemp Cultivation and Processing


Craft Hemp Cultivation and Processing


Welcome to Holistic Wellness Services! We are a Craft Style Hemp CBD Farm in North Central Minnesota.  At our operation, we gently nurture and handle every one of  our plants with care. It is Our goal is to promote a growing environment which allows the plants to produce Resinous flowers that are rich in CBd and low in THC.  From the Flower, we extract Cannabidiol (CBD) and Other cannabinoids through an on-site ethanol extraction Lab. as well, our extraction process enables us to retain The original cannabinoids and terpenes  from the plant. This allows us to create a full Spectrum Hemp extract for better wellbeing. 

Our Services

HWS provides full spectrum hemp extract to both the wholesale and retail marketplaces. 

WHOLESALE: As of March 1st, 2019, HWS is actively negotiating contracts for purchasing our CBD Crude oil. Contact us for more information.

RETAIL: Our retail products with be available after the growing and harvest seasons. Check back later in 2019 for all of your CBD needs.

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Holistic Wellness Services

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Medical Advice

The information on this site is not medical advice. If you are having a medical problem or other emergency, please call 911 or seek out your provider for more help. 

Our services are for consulting and education only. If that is what you are looking for and you need more information, connect with a Cannabis Nurse or Cannabis Consultant today!


We serve customers in multiple states with differing cannabis laws. In some states, you're allowed to use cannabis recreationally. In other states, you only have medical cannabis programs. Some states only have CBD allowed products. Other states even allow people to grow their own cannabis/Industrial Hemp. We encourage you to know what the cannabis laws are in your state. At Holistic Wellness Services, we DO NOT advocate or encourage the illegal use of cannabis for any reason!