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Craft Hemp Cultivation and Processing

About Us


Our Goals

      At Holistic Wellness Services, we intend to enter the Hemp CBD industry with a goal of cultivating Hemp and providing quality Hemp CBD products to our customers. As well, we intend to provide services through education and consulting in the areas of cultivation, propagation, processing, extraction, and new business implementation. 

      We also want enhance both the public and professional sector's understanding of Industrial Hemp and how the components within cannabis/hemp interact with our Endocannabinoid System. We want to help eliminate the fears that surround this industry through quality education. 



Our Purpose

      To cultivate hemp in the MN Industrial Hemp Research Program and extract cannabidiol (CBD) from that hemp for the purpose of creating Hemp CBD oil.  We also intend to be an educational conduit between the Industrial Hemp Industries, medical professionals and the general public.


HWS Method

We achieve our high-grade products by starting with clean plant genetics. From there, we build our own soils and provide optimal growing environments. We use compost tea to naturally boost  our plant's immune systems while providing them natural, clean nutrients. Our products are free from pesticides and heavy metal. 

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Holistic Wellness Services

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